28 Mai. 2021

The Repairer – Shortfilm | Official Trailer (2021)

Der St. Vither Joshua Cremer stellt seinen Kurzfilm „The Repairer“ vor. Der Film läuft im Kino Corso in St. Vith am 11., 12. oder 13. Juni und am 19. und 20. Juni im Cinema Eupen.

Creeping lights in the dark, a lifeless body on the asphalt and a farmer bringing in his hay harvest… In Joshua Cremer’s short film, reality and fiction merge and form a dance between control and devotion.

Written, produced and directed by Joshua Cremer

Directors of Photographie: Chris Eyre-Walker, Roger Arens

Edited by Chris Eyre-Walker, Roger Arens, Joshua Cremer

Music composed and produced by Dany Gallo

Cast: Joé Keil, Mary Schumacher, Roland Schumacher, Nicole Adams.

Supporting Cast: Britta Jährig, Manuel Gallo, Julia Lemaire, Mark Hosmar, Anne-Sophie Velz, Nikolas(Nos)Bongartz, Laurence Mennicken, Gregor Quetsch, Fiona Böhmer, Marco Schröder

Assistant director: Roger Arens

Light / Color / Haze: Chris Eyre-Walker

Location Sound Engineer: Dany Gallo

Set Dressers / Decoraters / Production – Assistants: Chris Eyre-Walker, Dany Gallo, Freddy Cremer, Helmut Hahn, Hubert Cremer, Irma Cremer, Joé Keil, Joshua Cremer, Mary Schumacher, Nicole Adams, Nadine Adams, Raymond Cremer, René Cremer, Roger Arens, Rudi Cremer, Samuel Bello, Sylvie Neven

Door Construction: Helmut Hahn

Assistant Producers: Chris Eyre-Walker, Dany Gallo, Roger Arens, Joé Keil, Nicole Adams, Helmut Hahn Song – „Isolated Spheres“: Written by Mary Schumacher and Dany Gallo / Produced, recorded and mixed by Dany Gallo / Co-produced by Joshua Cremer Technical Support: Chris Eyre-Walker, Dany Gallo (Studio W59D), Agora Theater, Charly’s Musicshop (Charly Teissen), Helmut Hahn, Triangel St.Vith.

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